Query Tips
A Few Suggestions on How To Write Your Query Letter

We recommend that your query letter be short and to the point, which generally means no longer than a page.

A catchy logline is the key to a query letter's overall effectiveness and should be approximately 30-50 words in length.

A brief synopsis can be included (preferably 2-3 paragraphs), revealing more about the plot, characters and genre. The goal is to create a compelling reason why this story needs to be told! Try to avoid writing overly long paragraphs. It is important to present your query letter in a format that is clear and easy to read.

When disclosing background information about yourself, only put in what's relevant. An award, education, option agreement and produced works can be mentioned, everything else, leave out.

Try to be original, remember your query letter is the first contact a writer makes with the industry and an engaging, well written query can take you far!

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