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How long should my query letter be and what should it contain?

We recommend that your query letter is no longer than a page and contain a logline, brief synopsis and your contact details. You can find more information on how to write a query letter at our Query Tips section.
Should my screenplay be finished before you send my query letter out?

Yes, you must have a completed screenplay available and ready to send.
Do you accept pitches or ideas for movies?

No, you must have written a full-length screenplay.
When does my query letter to go out once I have placed my order?

The time frame for sending out your query letter is determined by how many other orders have been received ahead of yours. We limit the number sent each day to give each writer the optimum chance. We will contact you within two business days of placing your order to advise you when you can expect your query to be sent.
Will I receive a list of who has received my query letter?

Yes, you will receive a list of companies who have been sent your query letter.
How do I make payment?

We only accept payment by credit card through our website.
We use 2-Checkout.com, a secure third party e-commerce retailer certified by the BBB. Therefore your transaction will be totally secure.
Can I include more than one screenplay in my query letter?

No, our services are for one screenplay per query letter.
Can I query producers and agents with a novel I have written, or do I have to have adapted the novel into a full-length screenplay?

Our services are primarily for completed screenplays, although occasionally we have writers use our Scriptblaster services to market their novels to producers and agents. The only time we would recommend that a writer use our Scriptblaster services for their novel is if it has been published by a major publishing house and achieved impressive sales figures.
I'm not very good at writing query letters and I'm having trouble coming up with a logline. Can you help me with this?

Yes, we have a Query Editing Service available to all our Scriptblaster customers. Our editor will create a one-page query letter that includes a logline and synopsis. This service is available when purchased in conjunction with any of the Scriptblaster services.
Iíve already queried a few agents and producers. Is there some way you can exclude them from my campaign?

Yes, you can nominate up to twenty companies you would like excluded from your campaign. When you place your order there is provision in the order form to list the companies you donít wish us to send your query letter to.
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