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2) The Material is submitted to Scriptblaster voluntarily and not in confidence, and no confidential or fiduciary relationship between you and Scriptblaster exists or is being created by the agreement or by your submission of Material.

3) Scriptblaster shall have the right to terminate your use of the Scriptblaster services if it deems in it’s sole and absolute discretion that you have violated the agreement and the terms and conditions set forth herein, which includes the submission of obscene, defamatory, illegal or offensive Material.

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5) Scriptblaster does not act as a representative to writers in any way shape or form.

6) It is your sole responsibility to protect your Material, including filing or registration with Writers Guild of America or the United States Copyright office.

7) Scriptblaster does not guarantee that any requests will be made for your Material when using the Scriptblaster services.

8) Scriptblaster may have access to literary ideas that may be similar or identical to your Material in theme, idea, plot or other respects. You will not be entitled to any compensation because of the use of any such similar or identical Material that may have been independently created by any producer, agent, manager or industry professional on the Scriptblaster lists.

9) While every effort is made to keep lists regularly updated, Scriptblaster does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided or the exact number of producers, agents and managers e-queried

10) Scriptblaster does not attest to, or guarantee the validity or legitimacy of any of the industry professionals that will be queried on your behalf. Scriptblaster does not represent itself as having a relationship with any producer, agent or manager on its lists nor does it intend to imply that any producer, agent or manager has requested that Material be sent to them for consideration.

11) You understand that the fees for Scriptblaster services are non-refundable.

12) You hereby grant Scriptblaster the right to send emails on your behalf to the industry professionals on their lists for the purpose of the services purchased.

(13) Scriptblaster reserves the right to edit any part of a query letter submitted if it deems the material unsuitable or for formatting purposes.

(14) The Testimonials displayed on this website have been supplied by writers who have used the Scriptblaster/Bookblaster services since 2002. The results and comments supplied by the writers who volunteered these testimonials, relate to the individual writer and their experience using the Scriptblaster/Bookblaster services. These individual results should not be construed, or interpreted as results that will apply to each query campaign.

(15) Scriptblaster/Bookblaster cannot guarantee that a company will be removed from the query campaign, even though the request has been made.

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(17) Whilst all care is taken when sending email query letters on a customer's behalf, Scriptblaster cannot be held liable for any errors,inclusive of technical and typographical, that may occur during the process of sending the query letter by email.

(18) In order to comply with legislation, you hereby agree to have your full address added to your query letter by Scriptblaster should you fail to have included your address in your query letter when uploading it to the Scriptblaster website. This address will be the one you have provided at the time of placing your order by credit card.

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